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Wellness Wednesdays

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month we will be highlighting our favorite products for your natural medicine cabinet.  These are the essentials to have on hand for individuals and families for ultimate prevention and first aid go to’s. 

January is a time where we often commit to improving our health and one of the best ways to kick it off is through a cleanse or detoxification program!

We recommend a two week cleanse to help jump start your healthy eating patterns for the new year.   Each detox-cleanse can be tailored but most include dietary do’s and don’ts along with supplements to enhance the detoxification process in the liver, kidneys, colon, and lymphatic systems. Most people cut out alcohol, fried foods, refined sugars, any known food sensitivities, and minimize caffeine.  While cutting these out we encourage regular exercise, increasing water intake, and getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night. 

We have walked thousands of individuals through cleanses and found these to be the most helpful. With the diet and lifestyle recommendations we also recommend one of our physician grade supplemental detoxification programs. One of the most impactful detoxes and cleanses is our 2 week program called Pure Cleanse which combines plant based meal replacement protein shakes with nutrient packets to be taken twice a day.  Patients who have used this program often lose weight and experience benefits in their sleep, energy, and moods.  For this Wellness Wednesday we are offering a Complimentary B12 Injection with the purchase of the 14-Day Pure Cleanse Detoxification Kit. Use code: B12.

This Wellness Wednesdays Date is: January 15th--- mark your calendars!